This is a planetary nebula. It has nothing to do with planets. It is a remnant of a red giant that has collapsed into a white dwarf that is visible in the center of the nebula. What we see is the shell of the collapsed red giant expanding into space.

Also known as the Owl Nebula.






















Open Cluster known as the Starfish cluster.



The Orion Nebula is one of the brightest nebulas visible. It is located in Orion's sword and can be best seen on Winters nights.

This is two different brightness settings of the same image. The Trapezium is visible in the right photograph. These four stars provide the illumination of the nebula.



A pair of galaxies with the smaller one drawing material from the larger. This is a series of stacked images combined to produce the final image. M51 is located near the Big Dipper.

Also known as the Whirlpool Galaxy and NGC5194, M51 is the brightest galaxy visible. The companion galaxy is known as NGC5195


A bright nebula with fascinating detail. The nebula is quite large and barely fits within the image boundaries.

Also known as the Omega Nebula and the Swan Nebula.



This is a globular cluster of stars.

Also known as the Wild Duck Cluster.



This spiral galaxy image has two other galaxies visible in it as well. NGC4328 on the left and NGC4323 on the right.



Star Cluster



The Cigar Galaxy


Bode's Nebula


Sombrero Galaxy