The Antenna Farm

 2008 Updates

The antenna farm as of January 2008.

The antenna farm in August 2008.


Added a 2m horzontal yagi.

In addition to the 144, 222 and 430 MHz verticals and the 40m, 15m and 10m dipoles.

Added a rotator to the yagi mast.

Added a 70cm horizontal yagi

M-Squared 6m and 2m HO loops up on the sailboat mast.

THe 1296 loop yagi on a tripod. The transverter is mounted at the rear.

Detail of the transverter mounting. Uses two plastic ties.

The 33cm yagi mounted on the rotator. This is my portable antenna.

Detail of the yagi and the transverter mounted on the opposite side of the mast.

Another view of the 902 MHz transverter.

The tested assembly.

33cm Yagi and the transverter with a 15W power amp.

Transverter and power amp assembly.

Antenna and transverter.

Detail of the connection routing.

End view detail.

23cm and 33cm loop yagi pair on the tripod mount.

33cm transverter housing.

A look inside.

Ready for outdoor testing.

More aluminum growing from the roof line.

The dual loop yagi on a tripod.

The 23cm and 33cm transverters are attached directly to the antenna boom.

My best guess aim at Los Alamos. Manual rotation only.