Penguin 1


Text Box: The Eagle Tree telemetry tracking system uses two 910MHz receivers in diversity mode with a clover leaf antenna on one of the receivers and a PCB Yagi antenna on the other receiver. The received video is then transmitted at 5.8GHz to the Fat Shark video goggles.
Text Box: The custom GoPro mount was built using a 3D printer and has a 270 rotational and a 45 pitch capability. I use the GoPro NTSC output to mix with the OSD (On Screen Display) and record 1080p HD video at the same time.
The movements are driven by a Fat Shark Dominator head tracking module that is built into the video goggles.

Text Box: This is the Penguin FPV platform by Finwing purchased from ReadyMade RC. 
I incorporated a GoPro camera with head tracking capability driven by a Fat Shark Dominator headset.
The receiver is a EZUHF from Immersion RC with a turnstile antenna under the left wing and a whip antenna in the nose.
The video and telemetry is transmitted using a 1.5W 910MHz system through a clover leaf antenna mounted just in front of the motor.
I use an EagleTree OSD system with a GPS mounted midway down the tail boom. The OSD sends airspeed, altitude, position, GForces, battery voltage and current, motor RPM and temperature.
The model weighs 4lbs 11oz including a 3300mAH motor battery and a 1300mAH video transmitter battery.