Takeoff Group1 on day 1

Takeoff of Group2 on day 1

Takeoff single aircraft on day1

Takeoff of bombers on day 1

Setting up attack formation

Setting up attack formation

Attack group

Takeoff of Group1 on day 2

Takeoff of single aircraft on day 2

Takeoff of bomber group on day 2

Attack formation

Air cover

Bomber group

Uh Oh

The emergency aircraft had just been cleared to the desert out past the water tower at under 500'. St. Mary's is about a 1/2 mile from me. The Zero is actually a few miles away and well above the heli.

I was tracking the heli when I realized something else was in the sight.

The Zero continues his turn.

A closer pass

Another close by pass

Nice wheels

Final departure after the show

Final departure after the show